Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Special Days!

Lexi had a birthday on the 15th of May. She was SO excited! She loved all of her presents & was equally excited with each one. After Ethan's soccer games we had a picnice lunch and headed to the zoo. Don't waste your money there: no bears, no zebras, no mountain lions. We saw a whole bunch of monkeys & 2 penguins. They're bringing in some polar bears & sea lions, so go when they actually get some cool animals. The kids had fun though, it was the first time Makelle got to see all the animals that we've been talking about. She LOVED it! Lexi picked Red Robin for her birthday dinner. Ethan is starting to get goofy, every time we get out the camera he strikes a silly pose; too cute! Lexi is FINALLY 3. She's been asking every day for months if she was 3. She's going to start pre-school in September, I don't think she's really excited, but she needs it! Lexi loves playing with babies & wearing my high heels. She loves talking on the phone & she loves her baby brother!
On Sunday we blessed Kyler. Thanks to all our friends & family for making his day so special! I can't believe how big he's getting... all except for his head, he was 75% for his height, 50% for weight & 20% for his head. But I think he's adorable! He's very laid back & rarely cries. He loves to smile; as soon as he sees me he gives me a big cheezer. I love him!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You've Had a Birthday Shout, HOORAY!

I can't believe Ethan is 5 already! The years have just flown by! He's been so fun...
Ethan is so loving & caring. He can always be found by the little kids giving hugs & kisses. He's always willing to help me out & do whatever I need him to do. He loves playing soccer & has a natural ability to do it. If he doesn't score at least 5 goals he's just not happy. But he always tries his best. He's one smart kid, he's reading & telling time. He loves pre-school & is looking forward to kindergarten! He's been planning his 5th birthday since his 4th birthday. He wanted a party with a pinata & he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. He got his wish & we had 12 little 5 year olds running around our house having a ball. Then we took him to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. He's now planning his 6th birthday. Throughout the day Lexi would say "Happy Birthday, Ethan!" It was cute that she remembered it was his day. And surprisingly there was no fighting all day. BEST DAY EVER!
Lexi loves to hold Kyler, every opportunity she gets she's always asking to hold him. He's smiling so good now, even the kids can get him to smile. Moab, a little girl I teach piano to got the first laugh out of our little guy. He's so fun & sleeping at least 8 hours at night, YES!!
Ethan's pre-school took a field trip to Wheeler Farm- thanks Jackie for helping me out with the kids! I couldn't have handled all four kids by myself at a place like that! They had lots of fun running around in the freezing cold! It was fun, I look forward to getting out more as the weather continues to warm up!
Oh & FYI the tiniest picture in the collage is Makelle on time out. She puts her nose in the corner & stays there for one minute. She cries the entire time... but stays there, surprisingly! It breaks my heart, but does the trick; she doesn't repeat that behavior when I put her there. Yesterday I saw her putting her dollie's nose in the corner... too cute!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I guess it wasn't the worst day

This post is mostly for me. I want to remember what happened, but then again I want to forget about it too. It was a really emotionally draining day. The day started out fairly normal. About 9:30 a.m. Kyler started being REALLY fussy. He's not a fussy baby by nature, he's so happy & content to hang out. I figured he had a stomach ache, because of something I ate; that happens all too often. I held & cuddled him ALL DAY LONG! Emotionally draining! He would fuss through feedings, but was still eating; I wasn't too worried. As the day wore on there were no smiles, he slept or cried. I could tell he was in pain & felt bad about the pepperoni I had eaten. About 6 o'clock as I was feeding him I noticed that he felt warmer than usual. I took his temperature... 101. Here we go again. I had just taken Makelle into the doctor last Friday for her temperature of 103 (they think she has a sinus infection). I called the doctor & they asked me to bring him in. The doctor took a LONG look at him. No ear infection. No evidence that it was viral. No evidence that it was bacterial. The doctor proceeded to tell me that 97% of the time it is viral, but there was a 2% chance it was bacterial. There was no way to find out unless they did blood tests, urine samples, maybe even a spinal tap. The thought of nurses & doctors poking & prodding my son had me in tears. HE'S ONLY 7 WEEKS! The doctor felt it best to send us to Primary Children's Hospital downtown... the one in Riverton doesn't admit infants overnight; so he thought it best to start downtown in case he needed to be monitored overnight. I went & picked up Jeff & my mother-in-law took the older kids to sleep over at her house. It was nice to know they were well taken care of, one less or more like 3 less things I didn't have to worry about. We got to the hopsital about 9 o'clock p.m. The waiting was probably the worst part. I just wanted to know my son was going to be ok. As we waited in the waiting room a couple of patients waiting their turn started talking to me & were genuinely concerned for Kyler. I in turn was asking about their situations & feel so blessed that this was only our first (& hopefully last) trip to Primary's. We finally were able to be seen. They poked & prodded, he cried & fussed. We would get him settled down & they would poke & prod some more. I did leave the room for part of it... I'm not a fan of needles & I hated to see him in so much pain. Jeff stayed with him & was my rock the entire time we were there. He was so calm & knew everything was going to be fine. I think I cried for 9 hours straight. About 1 a.m. my dad & Jeff gave him a blessing. That was the first time I felt comfort... the Spirit was so strong in that tiny room. I'm so grateful for the priesthood! And finally at about 2:00 a.m. the doctor came in & told us the blood tests came back normal. We are still waiting on the spinal tap test. We get the results tomorrow & pray that it is normal. As they were discharging us they took his temperature one more time, it had started to go down. I was hopeful once again that he would be fine. Today he is giving me smiles & acting more like himself. He is still one sleepy baby.. all that prodding all night long sure took a toll on him. We love Kyler & are thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with this sweet spirit!