Monday, July 27, 2009

She Did It!!

Last Tuesday Lexi told me she didn't want to wear a diaper, she wanted to wear panties. I said ok, reluctantly, I wasn't really ready to take the time to potty train. She had 3 accidents that day. The next day I put a diaper on her because I wasn't going to be home & didn't want to deal with it. Thursday she wore panties all day & hasn't had an accident since. I can't believe how big she has gotten so fast! I'm so proud of her & am so thankful it was so easy! It's so nice to only have one child in diapers!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Parade Fun

We went to the Bountiful parade yesterday with my family. The kids had so much fun eating pizza & sno cones
and laffy taffy. Every time people would throw candy, if they didn't throw enough my mom would get out her stash & throw some to the kids.

Makelle snuck some pizza while no one was looking. And look how happy she is!

The kids waiting for the parade to start

Makelle had fun playing with whatever she could find, she didn't care for the parade

I can never get a straight face from Jeff, he's always got to do something silly

Lexi & Makelle absolutely adore their soon-to-be aunt Amber. She's so fun & outgoing, who can't help but love her?
Ethan showing me one of the many treats he got. He actually got sick of picking up candy. The parade lasted about 2 hours... they had about a 10 minute intermission for some reason, so it seemed to go on too long. They only had 2 or 3 impressive floats, the rest were schools & businesses. But we had fun anyway.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PaYsOn LaKe

This weekend we took the kids to Payson Lakes. I love it because it's so close! They had fun swimming in the lake, feeding the ducks, feeding the squirrels & chipmunks & playing with cousins. The squirrels & chipmunks would come within a few inches of us for the food. One squirrel actually ate bread off Jeff's shoes. It was fun to watch the animals in their habitat.
Ethan has started outdoor soccer again. He's loving it, but he's sure getting worn out! He's the only one on the team that knows what to do, he's always going after the ball & scoring goals & blocking others from making goals. He's such a natural soccer player & he really loves doing it.
I read a conference article the other day that talked about the temple & the importance of making your home an extension of the temple & letting your kids go see the temple. It said something to the affect that-as you touch the temple the temple will touch you. I felt a greater desire to help my children understand the temple & have a desire to go. So we ventured out to it on Sunday & let them see it & touch it & talked a little about what goes on inside. I want the temple to touch my home, I just need to make a greater effort to help my kids understand it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Joys

Jeff and his dad made the kids a swing set & brought it home yesteryday. The kids have loved it! They'd be on it all day if they could. I guess I would prefer something that doesn't involve me so much, cause now I have to push them all the time! But oh well, they enjoy it & it gives them something to do other than fight.
This far right picture of Makelle standing up outside the tub was the first time she pulled herself up onto something. She was so proud of herself! She's growing up too fast! She's still on the verge of crawling, she's scooting around everywhere & gets where she wants to go.
Lexi had a break through this week. She's been crying through nursery for the whole 2 hours. And this week she whined a little when I dropped her off & then went & played. I'm so proud of her! Prayers are answered! It might seem insignificant to some, but I really needed her to go to nursery so I could fulfill my calling & let Jeff go to his classes, without feeling guilty that I left my 2 year old to cry. It took about 8 months to soften her heart, but it was worth it! Let's cross our fingers that next week is just as good!
It's hard to believe that Ethan starts pre-school in a couple months & then off to kindergarten next year. He's grown up so fast! He loves writing his letters & learning how to spell things. The other day he said "Mom, I know how to spell piano; P-N-O" He was close & I thought it was so cute that his mind was actually trying to figure that stuff out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bear Lake & Happy 4th

So we went to Bear Lake this weekend & wouldn't ya know it I forgot my camera. We left on Thursday, it was kinda rainy & cold that day. On Friday we took the paddle boat out to the lake & then went to the beach with the extended family for lunch. There was a pool at Ideal Beach, my kids enjoyed that a little bit more than the freezing lake. Ethan learned how to swim with his life jacket... he is so proud of himself! Lexi & Makelle had lots of fun floating in their tubes. Friday night we went to my aunt & uncles cabin for dinner & a treasure hunt. Five of the teenage boys got to pick the teams, my cousin who is down syndrome picked me to be on his team. Just a little side note here, he has such a sweet spirit & is so loving, we have always had a special bond & I felt honored to be the first one picked on his team. We had 8 things we had to accomplish as a team: play horse shoes (everybody had to take their turn), walk across a log, jump rope to a song, jump on the tramp for 1 minute as a team (we were almost touching the ground), sing 2 primary songs around the fire pit, say the pledge of allegiance & sing a patriotic song around the flag, build a rock tower that didn't fall & blow a bubble with your eyes closed.
I felt so close to my cousins & my uncle that were on my team, I got to see them in a different light. It was fun to bond with my cousins that I don't see very often. Lexi was on my team too, it was fun to see her try to jump the rope & walk across the log. Good times... Moyes girls, you missed out!! Saturday we took the paddle boat out again, made lunch & headed to town for a raspberry shake, can't go to Bear Lake without having one of those! Anyway, we made it home safely without any blown tires!!
Saturday night we went to fireworks with some friends. The top left picture is of the finale for Riverton fireworks & the picture underneath that one is the finale for Herriman fireworks. Good one eh? My camera was way slow, but the Herriman fireworks weren't that great anyway, they only lasted 10 minutes. A few minutes into the Riverton fireworks Lexi said she was done & wanted to go home. The kids were so tired from camping & swimming, I don't blame her. But she toughed it out & enjoyed the show. Makelle slept through it all & slept until 7 the next morning! Makelle is also trying so hard to crawl... she'll get on her knees & rock & scoot, it's only a matter of days before she gets it. I'm gonna miss the stage of just sitting & being happy.