Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends, Halloween, Crawling & Snow

Is this the cutest picture or what? These two are such good friends, they go to pre-school & dance together & love to have play dates; they usually plan them themselves. I love to see their friendship grow
Just a little preview of the kids' Halloween costumes. They got all dressed up for the school's Halloween Carnival. It was lot's of fun; but so crowded we didn't get to everything.
Our nephew Caden is a dead football player, Ethan is SWAT boy (he added the boy part, I don't know why, or how he thought of that part), our neice Kessie is a mermaid, Lexi is Barbie & Makelle is Minnie (she is obcessed with Minnie & Daisy) On a little side note: once Ethan put on that costume he strutted around like he was the King. It was so funny to watch his confidence go up just because of a costume, he did get a lot of comments on how much they loved it.

This little man is now crawling, he's been crawling for a while. This picture was taken when he was beginning to learn. Is he flexible or what? He's crawling all over the house, causing lots of trouble, he gets into EVERYTHING!

This is September. I can't believe how warm it's been. I don't really understand how we went from sprinklers on the tramp to...

snow in less than a month. My kids do love the snow & ask to go play in it every morning. I hate getting them all dressed in their snow clothes only to have them come in five minutes later. But I guess it's worth it to see them happy.