Monday, January 26, 2009

Pudding Fun

On Saturday my mom let the kids play in pudding. It's a cute idea, it kept the kids busy for about 10 minutes. I guess they don't like staying dirty for very long.

What a fun grandma! I don't think I would get in there & play with it

This was at the beginning, we couldn't get him to put his hands in it. My mom had to stick his hand in it for him. Once he did it he enjoyed it.

Lexi enjoyed it, she mostly liked to eat it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We finally got the internet, so I can post a little more frequently. We had a girls night last night with some cousins & aunts. It was a lot of fun! I think we laughed for an hour and a half straight. It was much needed for me! We played a game called Loaded Questions. I recommend it!
Our friend took some pictures of the kids on Makelle's blessing day, I'm a little slow at posting about it, but better late than never.

Lexi dressed herself the other day, she put her own tights on & everything! You might not be able to tell but she still has her pajama top on & her hands aren't through her sleeves on her dress, but it was a nice try!
Ethan also dressed himself... He always has to have soccer clothes on, this time he picked his painting soccer shorts, but who cares when you're not going anywhere!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Makelle! She's starting to love tummy time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December came & went so fast

   With all the Christmas parties & three kids, life has passed me by & I keep forgetting to update. The kids had such a fun Christmas- Ethan got his scooter (we thought it was red, turns out it was pink), Lexi got dress up shoes (which she loves! she's always wearing them) And a bunch of other toys, who knows why we bought them, next time we'll just get exactly what they ask for, no more! They did get a play kitchen, they both love it! That was defiantly worth it! They've done some sledding... Lexi actually went down the hill by herself, she had a ball! Ethan is fearless & had so much fun going up & down. My computer is being stupid, so I'll post pictures another day.
   Lexi has had quite an adventurous week... she fell and bumped the corner of her eye on her bed, luckily she didn't need stitches, but it was definately a good cut... she even has a black eye. Then she cut her thumb on a blade & then her finger on Ethan's scooter, then she touched Grandma's fire place & burned her hand. I promise I don't beat her, she is just having an off week.
   Life is treating us well, Jeff is finally going back to school. I'll be a single mom for a little while. But luckily I have great kids & it'll be a fun adventure. Jeff is still a ward missionary & teaches Gospel Principles every 5 weeks (lucky sucker!) I'm still the primary pianist. I love being in there & listening to all the funny things kids say. Ethan is now a sunbeam, so it's fun to have him in there with me... He's one of those that yells out random things. And Lexi goes to nursery- finally! Makelle is such a good baby, I have no complaints about her... Lot's of fun times, she smiles & laughs at everything.