Monday, June 29, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

Things have been going too well for too long. It was our time for a trial, or bad luck, whatever you want to call it. We headed out on Wednesday for 12 mile canyon. We got to Nephi & one of our trailer tires blew out. It took a little over an hour to get someone with the right tools to help & get it taken care of... come to find out our trailer tires are Carlysle. I don't know how many of you know the recall that went on with those tires, but apparently the tread just falls right off.
The kids did surprisingly well while they were fixing the tire. But were definately ready to get back on the road. We finally got going & watched as our exit passed us right by. We mis-counted our exits & the next exit wasn't for another 20 miles. DOH! We finally got turned around, got off the right exit & a 2 hour destination only took us 5 hours!! Good times.
Jeff & Ethan had lots of fun fishing at the lake. Ethan helped reel in our friend Daniel's fish. It was a brook fish & was a really pretty orange. Jeff had some luck but didn't keep any.
Me and Jeff got to take a 4-wheeler ride together. We went on a really fun trail & on our way back to camp I took a turn too wide & didn't shift my weight the right way so I rolled the 4-wheeler. I slid about 10 feet, so luckily the wheeler didn't land on top of me. But it rolled & the handle bars got pushed all the way down, so the throttle got stuck down, the wheeler kept going up a little hill & finally hit a tree & stopped. My injuries weren't that bad considering how far I fell. Bruises on my whole right side, scraped arm & back & a sore neck. I was lucky none of the kids were with me & that Jeff was right behind me, usually he rides in front... hidden blessings! My helmet is chipped & my wheeler is a little bent up, we're so lucky that it wasn't worse. So despite the blown tire, missing our exit, crashing & the rain our trip was pretty fun. The kids didn't want to go home.
The day we got home Makelle started with a fever. We thought she was just teething, but then Sunday she started throwing up. Today she is doing better, her fever isn't as high & she's kept some pedialyte & oatmeal down. Jeff & his Dad gave her a blessing. He said the healing process would begin & her body would be able to fight off the illness. I'm so grateful for worthy priesthood holders & for the comfort that blessing gave to me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

We are so lucky to have a temple literally 5 minutes from our house. We had the opportunity to walk through it & see how beautiful it is. As we were waiting in the tent for the movie to start the wind howled like crazy. I felt like the tent was going to come crashing down, luckily it did not. As I was watching the movie the Spirit testified to me that temples are where families can be together forever, the Spirit dwells there always. The temple is a Holy place & I need to strive each day to keep the commandments to be worthy to enter it.
It was so windy! We didn't get any real good pictures because our hair & ties kept blowing away. My skirt was having issues as well... : ) As we sat there next to the waterfall the wind blew so hard that the water kept splashing our behinds.
I'm so grateful for my forever family!!

This is Amber my brother's girlfriend, she was so helpful with the kids. I actually got to enjoy walking through the temple. My parents were also very helpful with the kids, the kids wanted them anyways. They want nothing to do with me with they're around-which is fine, we don't see them that often anyway.

How lucky we are to be the only ones in the world to have 2 temples in the same city!
The kids enjoyed themselves. What a great teaching experience to take them there & show them where people get married & sealed forever. Ethan recently learned about baptisms for the dead in primary so it was cool to actually show him where that happens.