Sunday, April 26, 2009

These are some good times

Me & Jeff got to go to motorcross last night. We left the kids with my mom (except Makelle) & spent the day with friends & family at Rice Eccles. Jeff's work got a suite, so we got to hang out where it was warm instead of in the rain.
Some random guys off to race. I don't follow it too closely, but I know one of these guys is Chad Reed-last year's champ. Jeff was really glad he lost in the main event. James Stewart took it all, it was an awesome race.
Hanging out in the suite, enjoying the warmth & having fun with friends & family

Makelle did pretty good. Thanks to Aunt Lesa & Grandma I didn't have to hold her the entire time.

On a random note Lexi fell asleep at the dinner table the other night. All this getting up at night & not getting enough sleep is really catching up with her. She also fell asleep on the couch sitting up watching TV. She loves Max & Ruby! That's the only show she'll sit down & watch. But apparently this time she was just too tired to care what was on.

And this picture was just too cute not to post. She has chocolate pudding all over her face, but I don't care she's a doll!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

Makelle is getting to that age where anything she sees she has to touch. A little annoying at times, sometimes I miss it when she just layed in my arms. But it's also fun to see her personality coming out.

She sure loves that Easter basket!

She got really mad at me when I wouldn't let her play with the grass

I was trying to feed her baby food & as soon as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse got turned on she just had to watch it. So this is her trying to see the TV. Apparently she likes TV more than food, she's crazy!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This post will mostly be about Easter @ the Ellingson house. But first I want to share an experience that happened to me. The last couple days Makelle has been sick, stuffy nose, cough.. She's obviously not herself which is sad to see, because she's usually so smiley & happy. I guess I spoke too soon when I said how grateful I was that she'd been spared from the cold going around our house. Last night she woke up about 11 o'clock just screaming. I tried to feed her thinking that was the problem. No go. She was obviously in a lot of pain. She cried for a good tweny minutes. I was sobbing because I felt so bad that I couldn't do anything to help her. I said a prayer. As soon as I started my prayer I felt the Spirit overwhelm me & let me know that she was going to be alright. I asked my Heavenly Father to remove the pain from her body & to heal her. Two minutes later she was asleep & slept better than she usually does, even when she's not sick. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for hearing & answering my prayer.
Now this is my happy baby when she's not sick & stuffed up. She sure enjoys her baby food!
Makelle's Easter was pretty good considering how stuffy she is. She enjoys the new toys & books the Easter Bunny left her.

The kids got to color Easter eggs @ Grandma Ellingson's house. They had fun getting messy & watching the eggs change colors. We did an Easter egg hunt @ my sister's house. I forgot my camera, but they had fun doing the hunt & playing with their second cousins. Ethan even remembers doing it last year, what a great memory!

Ethan had a lot of fun hunting eggs, he was excited to see that the Easter Bunny ate all the carrots & hid the "plate with all the colored eggs". Apparently Jeff put the plate in the dishwasher, forgetting to leave evidence that the Easter Bunny found them. Hey, we're new at this & are still learning.

Lexi started out the day extremely ornery. She bawled while I dragged her over to her Easter basket. Once she saw it she stopped & enjoyed the egg hunt. Her favorite thing that the Easter Bunny left was chapstick. She puts it all over her face & digs her fingers into it. Good times. I'm grateful for this season to reflect on my Savior's resurrection. But I also enjoy all the candy too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

For the last week the kids haven't been feeling themselves. Ethan has had pink eye & then he got hives. Apparently he had an allergic reaction to the eye drops we were giving him. Lexi has had a fever & cold & life just hasn't been as pleasant. Luckily Makelle has been spared from the worst of it. I'd say a runny nose isn't too bad compared to what's out there. What a blessing!

We enjoyed conference! On Sunday during the 2nd session I played a game with Ethan & Kayla. BINGO... Our primary printed out BINGO cards.
Whenever they heard or saw one of the pictures on their card they got to put a skittle on it. It kept their attention for a little while, Ethan kept repeating random words they were saying & I had to keep telling him there wasn't a picture for that word. But at least I knew he was listening.
Ethan had his last indoor soccer game on Saturday. He wasn't quite himself since he's been sick & was very disappointed that he didn't score any goals. We will be putting him in outdoor soccer. The kid is a natural!

Makelle is the center of attention in our family. The kids adore her! She's starting to find her balance & sorta sitting up, as long as she doesn't move she doesn't fall over. She loves to play on the floor & roll around. We also bought her a BUMBO which she loves!
I'm looking forward to Easter & trying to help the kids understand the meaning of the celebration... & I'm also looking forward to them enjoying their Easter Egg hunts.