Saturday, August 7, 2010

July catch up

My sister-in-law's parents graciously let us use their condo & their boat & we headed up to Bear Lake with my family. We all enjoyed the beach... Ethan didn't like the sand getting EVERYWHERE! But he loved the boat ride. And he loved swimming in the pool with his water wings. Lexi is our little fish. She swam in the lake & the pool & went EVERYWHERE! She is fearless! But she did awesome swimming all by herself. Makelle loved the beach! She loved getting sandy & playing in the shallow part. She HATED the boat ride! She clung to me the entire time & so OW! OW! She didn't like the pool at first either, once she got used to it she didn't want to leave. Kyler was chill everywhere we went. He was sooo good about being drug here & there. He was up every 3 hours at night; but during the day he was a peach! Lexi chose to go on the boat instead of going to the caves with us. We had fun & got quite the workout climing 996 stairs.

Kyler is growing up so fast! He's rolling everywhere & loves when his siblings play with him; he always gets a huge grin when he sees them.
Makelle goes missing every once in a while. When I haven't seen her for a while I always look in my bathroom first & 99% of the time I find her here... in the sink. She loves to draw on my mirror with my deodrant, pretend to paint her toes, put on make up & read books.

Guess who started KINDERGARTEN?!? I can't believe it either! He started on August 3rd. He's my little social bug; I never worry if he'll make friends, he makes friends EVERYWHERE he goes! He's loving going everyday & looks forward to centers. Right now he's not learning anything new, he learned everything in pre-school. He's reading REALLY well & recognizes all his numbers. He loves to write & draw really cool pictures. He has a great imagination!

A few people asked how I did dropping him off on his first day. I DIDN'T CRY! Ethan is SUCH a good boy! I knew he would follow the rules, make good friends & love every minute of being away from home. Ethan is so loving, he always says "Bye mom, I'll miss you. Love you." And when he comes home he says "I missed you, but I had a lot of fun." I LOVE HIM!