Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh the joys!

We got to spend my birthday weekend up at our cabin. The cabin is one of my favorite places to be, I learned so much up there growing up & have so many fond memories. I hope it's around for a long time so that my kids can make fun memories up there as well. We took a lot of "hikes" as Ethan called them, but they were more like walks. Me & Ethan had a little mommy/son time & took a long walk together. It's so nice to have that one on one time together. After that one on one time Lexi decided she wanted it too. So I took a walk with her too, this one wasn't so enjoyable as she wanted me to pull her in this tiny wagon. I was holding Makelle as well, so it was awkward & hurt my back. But we still had fun being up in the mountains & exploring.
Makelle absolutely adores stuffed animals! Once she gets a hold of one she has a hard time letting go. It's so cute to see her cuddle the animals & love them to pieces.
When Grumpy got up to the cabin he took us all to the shooting range. Lexi & Ethan were lucky enough to ride in the back with Spencer & Amber. They enjoyed being with the big "kids." They were so helpful and helped find all the clay pigeons that didn't get shot.
I am now officially 25. And for a wonderful birthday present Makelle decided to throw up all over her carseat on the way home from the cabin. What a wonderful present, right? After we cleaned it up as best we could with scented baby wipes & germX, we rode home with the windows down! She ended up just having a little too much oil in her tummy from the lasagna & was perfectly herself after throwing up.
Each of my children are such a blessing in my life! They bring so much to the family, so much happiness & joy. I can't wait to see what the next one will bring. They're all so different & I can't imagine what this one is going to look like, or be like. We got to see the heart beat today & everything is looking good. I'm excited to welcome another baby into our family!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spencer & Amber are married!!

Spencer & Amber joined in holy matrimony for time & all eternity Thursday Aug. 13th. The ceremony was beautiful! Of course I cried, my only brother tied the knot. It was just yesterday he was kicking us with his cowboy boots & eating an apple everywhere he went. I'm so happy for him! He's lucky he found a girl that likes to hunt & fish just as much as him.
There was a lady there from Amber's ward that was doing balloon animals & things for the kids. Lexi got a pretty flower, & for most of the night she was making me smell it. It kept them entertained for a while considering how long of a day they had had.

She made Ethan a sword, hat & hilt. The batteries in my camera died yesterday so I took a late picture. He is absolutely in heaven!

The kids were so patient waiting for all the pictures to get taken. It's so nice they have cousins around the same age to keep them company. It was so nice to see old friends at the reception. It was a long day, waking up at 6 & getting into bed around 11:30. The kids were pretty good sports & slept in a little bit. All in all it was a good day & congrats & Spencer & Amber!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A very eventful weekend!

More camping! After this trip I'm all camped out! It was a lot of work this time for some reason, but we made it. Makelle did this for most of the weekend, just played on the stairs of the trailer. It was tough because she wanted to crawl everywhere, but she kept eating rocks & leaves. This seemed to keep her attention for the majority of the trip.
Ethan caught his very first fish on his very own pole. He was so proud of himself. This is daddy gutting it.

Makelle loves her daddy. She got a diaper rash & diarrhea while we were camping, so she wasn't always her happy self, but daddy can usually get a smile out of her.

Grandpa is a brave soul & let Lexi drive the four wheeler all by herself. She's one crazy driver! Lexi & Makelle were on the 4-wheelers for a lot of the trip. When I couldn't get Makelle to calm down I would take her on a slow ride & she would calm right down, until I took her off, she loved it too much to give it up.

A couple people brought their dogs on the trip. They were very well behaved & Makelle absolutely adored them! She's pointing to the dog & whining to go after it. She was very soft & loving to the dog & always wanted to be by them. She's actually signing dog & saying dd- code for dog

We took the kids to the zoo last weekend & got to see the new baby giraffe. He was born the day before we got there & was already about 6 feet tall. Makelle loved seeing all the animals & pointed at everything & laughed & smiled. Yesterday at church Jeff took Lexi to the bathroom, as she was running to the door to catch up to Jeff she ran smack into the bathroom counter. It knocked her flat on her back. Jeff cuddled her & tried to make her feel better, until she moved her hand. Blood was gushing everywhere! He came to get me & we rushed her to Insta Care. The nurse looked at it and said 3 or 4 stitches & she'll be as good as new. He put some numbing gel on & we waited about 25 minutes to get her back for the stitches. She was so good through the whole thing, she only cried when she saw me crying, so I tried to be brave for her. Jeff took her back & they cleaned it out. Come to find out it was way deeper than they initiallly thought. Jeff got to see her skull. I'm so glad I wasn't back there, I definately woulda fainted! Jeff even got a little queasy. They ended up having to give her a numbing shot inside her cut. Jeff said that was the hardest part for Lexi, it took a little while & he had to help hold her down. They said that if she didn't hold still during the stitching that we would have to go to the ER to have her sedated. Jeff said she did so awesome! She just sat there, which if you know Lexi it's next to impossible for her to do such a thing. As long as she could see Jeff she was fine, but when the doctor's arm got in the way of her view of daddy she got a little worried. 3 deep stitches & 6 surface stitches later she is whole & happy! Any time someone asks her about it she says "all better, all done." She was so brave, braver than me. The big picture in the middle was taken today of her stitches, Jeff took a picture of it before the stitches, but it's pretty gory so I won't post that one. We missed most of church, but we thank friends & family for all their concern for Lexi, she felt so loved!