Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm still learning

One of my goals is to prioritize my time better. I LOVED Sister Julie Beck's talk.. it was the Saturday morning session of conference. It really hit me hard! That talk was for me! I'm trying not to tell my kids that I'm too busy, or I'll do it later. I'm trying to live in the moment. I'm one that when I start something I just want to get it done, I don't want to take a minute away & do something else. So... I'm trying to take that minute & hug & cuddle my kids when THEY want it & to give Jeff a kiss when he comes home, no matter how busy I may be. So this week I took some time & took pictures of the moments I saw.
Ethan & Lexi doing service... they volunteered to make our bed, so that I wouldn't have to. I love this moment! It makes me feel so special & loved.
Makelle playing peek-a-boo

Lexi & Ethan "playing" together. They were really fighting until I took out the camera.

Kyler smiling... it's just a little one. He was giving me huge ones until I took out the camera.
These are the moments I don't want to forget!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

Our cute little man is almost a month old, boy that time went by fast! He's adorable & LOVES to be held! I can hardly put him down during the day. Which I love & hate at the same time. He won't want me to hold & cuddle him for very long so I want to live it up while I can. But then it's hard to get other things done. I'm getting good at doing things one handed.
We colored easter eggs. The kids had lots of fun & didn't want to be done. They didn't have the patience to leave them in for very long, but the eggs turned out good just the same.

Makelle really wanted to join in on the fun. Mean mommy & daddy wouldn't let her. But she had fun peeking in on the kids.

Easter morning... They didn't seem too excited to do the hunt. They watched TV in our room for a while & then Ethan asked if they could go get the eggs. I was surprised they waited as long as they did, but I did get to sleep in a little; so I didn't complain.
Ethan was such a sweetheart. After they got all the eggs Ethan got Kyler's basket & put some of his own eggs into Kyler's basket; He just wanted Kyler to have some too. I thought it was so sweet of him to share!

Lexi with her basket.

Our cute little guy on Easter morning.

Makelle thought the dyed eggs were yummy... what a character!
We enjoyed conference & celebrating the ressurection of our Savior!