Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've lost it!

So I lost our camera. I have no idea where I put it & I'm a little bit peeved about it. So here's a little update & when I find the bloody camera I'll post the cutest pictures you've ever seen.
Lexi has started dance with her cute friend Abby... they're so cute together! I love that she has a little playmate, I love that they play so good together & I love my cousin Stephanie for doing joy school & arranging their friendship!
We took our first camping trip of the season. We went up to 12 mile canyon. We had lots of fun playing "baseball", I say "baseball" because Ethan makes up his own rules for the game; so it was closer to baseball than any other sport. We played catch, rode on the 4-wheelers, relaxed, & fished. It was an okay trip until the ride home. We got stuck in the stupid Utah County traffic (down to two lanes on the freeway on a weekend, PATHETIC!) So it took us about an hour just to get through Utah County, & then 2 miles from home our trailer blew a tire! Thanks to our awesome neighbor for coming to the rescue & helping change the tire!
Kyler is officially rolling over & is the happiest he's ever been. We found out yesterday he has his first ear infection... let's hope he doesn't keep getting them! And Makelle has 2 ear infections. It seems with 4 kids not all can be healthy at the same time, it's always one thing or another.
Here's hoping for the best summer ever!