Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh so blessed

I have been blessed to have 4 healthy pregnancy's. I have been blessed to have 4 healthy babies. Heavenly Father has richly blessed my life with these 4 beautiful kids.

At about 16 weeks during this pregnancy I started having braxton hicks contractions. It's not normal for me to start so early. They didn't go away by resting or drinking water. At about 22 weeks I started having real contractions & cramping. They didn't go away by resting or drinking water. That is what concerned my doctor. Bed rest? I begged him not to. He told me to take it easy. Take it easy with 4 kids? I don't think so! But the contractions kept coming, so I said "Ok, I hear you! I'll take it easy!" The contractions have lessened. Yesterday, my dear sweet Kyler head butted me in the stomach. Oh how it hurt! It has caused me so much pain, I don't know if there is truely something wrong or just bruising. The contractions are back, not regular, not close together.

I am learning that it's ok to have a mess. My kids are learning a little bit more responsibility. I am learning more patience & to rely on others. I am learning to let go of pride & let others help out. I am learning that my will is not always the will of Heavenly Father. I so want the contractions to stop & the pain to go away, so that I can be a mom again & help out around the house again. Is that weird that I miss cleaning & taking care of things?

I truely have the best husband. He is concerned about me & the baby & is doing everything he can to make sure the baby stays in there & continues to grow & develop. He takes care of the house & the kids & goes to work & he's been taking care of me. He is truely Superdad!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff

My sweet Jeff turned 29 yesterday. I wanted to shout it out to the world how much I love this man! I made a list of 29 things I love about him & he gave me a weird look, & asked why 29, that's a random number. Well, honey you're 29... not such a random number :) Since I've made the list I've thought of more, so here's a few:

*He's so patient

*He's always happy

*He makes the best out of any situation

*He rarely gets mad or upset

*He always upholds his Priesthood

*He serves in his calling faithfully

*He helps me with meals, cleaning & the kids

*The kids adore him & he's such a great dad

*He's always willing to help out & doesn't think about himself

*He may not be much of a talker, but he's a great kisser ;)

I'm seriously the luckiest girl to have this man sealed to me for all eternity! I'm blessed each day by his presence & his example. I love you babe! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!