Friday, October 30, 2009

Just making memories

Makelle's new thing is to hide under the table, eat an apple & poop. I think it's adorable! It keeps her happy & healthy.
One thing I look forward to every day is having dinner as a family. We never miss a night. I love that Ethan volunteers to say the prayer every time & Lexi repeats exactly what he says. What a good example!

Ethan had his pre-school Halloween party. He was so excited to dress up. His eyes are half closed in this picture, so he doesn't look excited. But he sure came home happy!

My knight & his valiant steed. He was so excited when we called to tell him he was going to have a little brother. He ran to tell Grandma, screaming "It's a boy! Grandma, it's a boy!" He was so excited that he tripped & fell & then kneeled on his fingers trying to get up. Oh the memories we create!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning & Sharing

Let's start off with my lovely shiner! Lexi got rough on the bed & jumped & landed on my cheek bone. There was so much force that she gave me a huge goose egg & a nice black eye. This picture was taken about five days after it happened, so most of the swelling is down & it has a nice pretty color. I get lots of funny looks & a lot of people really think Jeff did it.
I've been into Super Nanny lately. She gives some really good tips on how to deal with the little munchkins. She talked about a listening game. So for family night we blind folded everyone & they had to listen to whoever was giving instructions to find a ball & put it in a bucket. The ball & the bucket were in seperate rooms, so it was kind of difficult. Afterwards we talked about the importance of listening to mom & dad, so we can be guided to our goal. It was a fun game for the kids. And they did pretty good.
We've also started a new thing; before we put the kids to bed we tell them ALL of the good things they did that day. I've been trying to write them down as I see them. So that even if there are tantrums & fighting at the end of the day we can still end on a good note. I've noticed their desire to do more good things throughout the day.

Ethan wanted to go on an adventure today. He wanted to look for shapes. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to help Lexi learn her shapes. We searched around the house for lots of different shapes. The vacuum is a triangle. I thought it was pretty clever & pretty close. It was even Lexi's idea... I think it was a lucky guess, but the more we do it the better she'll get.

This was their star find. Not too shabby.

Ethan noticed this rectangle right off... the door, but actually the rug woulda worked too.
I'd love to hear your ideas & activities that you do with your kids. I'm not very creative myself, I have to steal other people's ideas, that's why I watch Super Nanny. And don't forget to vote, the poll is at the top of the blog... boy or girl?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Lovin' It!

I love all the energy that I have. Even though I'm not fully myself, I'm enjoying what energy I do have & am enjoying my kids a whole lot more! With no energy I literally didn't want my kids to do anything, I didn't want to clean up the mess. But now, I'm having more fun with them & don't mind the clean up. We let the kids paint pumpkins... they had tons of fun & made a huge mess. Good times! We made sugar cookies for family night. They had so much fun rolling their own dough & using the cookie cutters. Our family night was on service, we were supposed to decorate the cookies & give them to our friends & neighbors. We actually didn't have time to do that yet, so hopefully today. That was an even bigger mess & more work for me. But we had fun & made some good memories. Makelle was happy to entertain herself & was all smiles... she got to taste the dough too. She's been in a new phase where she wants to feed herself. So we gave her a plate & she had a blast eating pizza.
We find out what we're having on October 30th. So vote & tell me what you think I'm having. I've been secretly hoping for a boy, I believe three teenage girls would make me crazy, especially given how close they'll be. I know we'll survive & I'll be so happy either way. After talking to my aunt who has 4 girls in a row & super close too, I know I could do it & will have love & support. Let's just hope this one is a good sleeper too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Amazing

It's amazing how little minds come up with big ideas. Ethan wanted to put on a show for me. Him & Lexi used the chair as a stage & did tricks & dances for me. He told me to put up the blanket & where to put the chair. I thought it was a very cute idea & their performance was spectacular.
Ethan showed Lexi how to do it & she did her own little rendition. It was adorable & I look forward to the next one

It's amazing that Makelle is up & walking. I don't know how it happened, every time she would get up to walk some little child was there to push her right over, or pick her up, or even try to "help" her. But she is walking everywhere now, so I figured it was a good time to put shoes on. She loves them & doesn't do to bad walking in them.

It's amazing that our garden produced as much as it did. This is me & Jeff's second year planting a garden. We are still figuring out tricks & what works & what doesn't. Guess what, pumpkins worked! We had a fun time picking the pumpkins together.

Yes Lexi is eating a tomato like an apple. I don't get it, but she seemed to enjoy herself. Our zucchini & squashes have also done well. We're so lucky to have a garden & eat the fruits of our labor