Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if only it lasted longer

I love moments like these. I love that Ethan is learning to read & loves to read to his little sister. This was a very short moment, when no one was crying or throwing a tantrum today.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt overlooked? Like your opinion & what you do doesn't matter? Have you ever felt so alone, like no one else knew you existed? Have you ever felt like you've given all you can give & just don't have anymore to give? Have you ever felt like YOU were the one who deserved it, but it's always someone else that got it? Have you ever tried to be a good friend but didn't receive the same in return? Have you ever felt your Heavenly Father's love surround you so completely that all those other feelings got lost? My Heavenly Father loves me & is aware of me & my needs. He knows the blessings I need & the trials to make me grow stronger. My Heavenly Father does not overlook me & I matter to Him, he never leaves me alone & gives me strength when I feel all is lost.
I had the opportunity to listen to Sheri Dew speak at a Women's Conference. She spoke of influence. Each day we are influencing at least 100 people, how are we influencing them? Are we being charitable? Are we living the way Heavenly Father wants us to live so that those we are influencing come out better people? As I went through the line at the grocery store the cashier smiled & complimented my enormous belly. She influenced me & made me feel better for having seen her. How am I leaving those that I see? Although I may feel sadness or anger from something that happened, I need to make sure that I'm leaving others better than how I found them.
What are we letting influence our lives? Is the TV on too much, are we letting the world influence who we become instead of the Lord? I know in my house the TV could be on less & we would be a closer family. How grateful I am for my family & the wonderful influence they are for me & for my kids. Every woman has the right to feel validated, loved & accepted. May we all strive harder to validate & love instead of tear down others.