Monday, March 5, 2012

It's a LONG one...hey it's been a while!

I don't even know where to begin, these last few months have been a blur. Having 5 kids has been a challenge, we have our ups & everyone...but it has also been fun. I look at the picture below & can't even express how grateful I am for these 5 beautiful, healthy children. They amaze me with the things they know & teach each other. The picture was taken in January, Kate had just started sitting up. Now she sits up well & is trying to get on her knees & rock. I stopped nursing her 2 weeks ago today. She was a biter & not getting quite enough from me. I have mixed feelings about stopping because she is my last. But I know this is what is best for both of us. I still feel a strong bond with her...she's definitely a mama's girl & I LOVE it!

I love how these kids love each other, they fight & squabble, but the next second they're best friends.

Me & my her! She is laughing like crazy! Lexi & Makelle can make her laugh like no's the cutest thing to see all my kids bond with her

It may be hard to see, but Kyler got his first black eye, it probably won't be his last. He's a climber & a mischevious little fella! He got this just a week after Makelle's eyes healed. I only have a picture of her black eyes on my phone. Long story short: she fell off daddy's back & landed on her face. She got 2 black eyes & a very swollen nose...lucky for us it's not broken! As for Kyler, he jumped off a bed post downstairs & landed on the wood floor on his face.

For FHE last Monday we had food tasting fun! We blind folded everyone, one at a time & they had to guess what they were eating. It was a lot of fun!

Kyler did surprisingly well, he was the last to go & watched how everyone else did it & was super excited for his turn. It was the cutest thing!

On Friday we had a Drive-In movie night. Kate waited patiently in her chair, while the kids made their cars out of cardboard boxes & I got the concession stand ready. She is such a good baby! She doesn't complain much when she has to sit, or when I take her a million places in one day to drop the kids off here or there. I got real lucky with her!

Here is our concession stand. We had hot dogs, popcorn, soda, candy, & chips. The kids did chores & extra things for each other to earn tickets to buy stuff. We told them at FHE what we were doing & how to earn tickets. They were all super excited & worked really hard, even Kyler, he loved earning tickets!

Here they are in the cars that they made, eating their food & watching Cars 2. It was probably the quietest dinner we've had in a LONG time!

Ethan is in 1st grade, he says he doesn't like school, cause he knows everything already. But he always comes home saying what an awesome day he had. He does well & has made some good friends. He's reads really well, is really good at Math, loves to play the Wii & is a really big helper.

Lexi's still in dance, she isn't loving it & wants to only do gymnastics. I have her in both until the end of year recital & then she'll solely do gymnastics. She does cartwheels, round offs, handstands & back bend/walkovers really well! She's already caught up to her class, & she only has had 3 lessons. She will turn 5 in May & already has her 6 year molars & lost 2 teeth...crazy girl! Her body doesn't understand that she's not that old yet.

Makelle has FINALLY potty trained! It has been over a year-long struggle with that girl. She would potty train & then regress, I can't even count the number of times we went through this cycle. It has been 2 months & we have never had her go that long without an accident. My prayers were finally answered & I couldn't be happier! She is such a sweet girl, who wants to do everything Lexi does. She is doing dance & loves it!

Kyler will turn 2 on Sunday. Those 2 years have gone by so fast! I love how much he loves Katie-bug. I love how sweet he is to her & how he loves to share with her. He loves to tease, but he also loves to share. He is finally going to nursery without a big fuss!

Kate will be 7 months on the 8th. This girl is so sweet! I love her laughter, I love the smiles she gives me when I enter a room...I love that she gets so excited to see me. She loves to stand & say bbbb.

Sorry this post was so long, but that's what I get for waiting so long to update!


Team Beardshall said...

Cute cute....I can imagine it's hard to do updates with 5 kidos but I appreciate hearing how you are doing when you do! Um....can I invite myself over for the next drive in? That looks like a blast! Glad things are going so well for you guys! You make cute kids

Dee Dee said...

I just have to say this again, you have such a cute family! Your movie night looks like it was a blast! That is such a fun idea!

Becca said...

Fun to read an update! You amaze me! Thanks for posting all the fun ideas! I think I'll try earning the tickets for the drive in! Good thinking!
Nice to see you the other day! Love yer face!

Rachel said...

You're so creative, I love you! I love your children, they are so beautiful Aubs! You such a wonderful mom!

Amy said...

Good job on the update!!! You have some cute kids & I loved the drive in movie night!!!